Thursday, 27 August 2015

Pejibaye fruit

You'll find these bright orange flecked and striped fruits soaking in hot water baths by street vendors roadside and in supermarkets in Costa Rica. From a "Gringa's" perspective it takes a while before getting used to the rather bland tasting dry starchy texture of its flesh, but Costa Ricans just love it.
Peeling the fruit is also a trick in itself. After which a slice in the middle cracks open to revel its pit, much like a peach but smaller and denser. No wonder Pejibaye in English is Peach Palm Fruit and is actually taken in clusters from the tops of a particular Palm species in Costa Rica. It's found in other areas of Central and South America too, but is most commonly eaten in Costa Rica, more so than anywhere else.

Locals seem to enjoy it split, pitted and filled with a bit of mayo. It takes getting used to, but eventually you'll love it. Cream of Pejibaye soup is also a traditional Costa Rican favorite and was served to President Obama when visiting Costa Rica in May of 2013.

If you are traveling out of San Jose heading in any direction, like East towards Tortuguero National Park, South East towards Cahuita National Park, North West towards the Arenal Volcano, West towards the central Pacific Coast from Jaco down past Quepos towards Corcovado, you will find Pejibaye everywhere.