Friday, 10 July 2015

About Egypt

About Egypt 

Did you know it took  (20 years) and  (20000) Slaves to build the Pyramids 2000 years ago, all by manual laborers rolling 2 ton blocks higher than Eiffel Tower to bury their pharos in chambers partially discovered?

Did you know the Temple of Abu Simbel was built 3 thousands year ago,  Engineered with an opening that allows the Sun light  to the Inner Temples precisely on the Statues of Ramsas the 2nd to commemorate his Birth Day?

Did you know Moses led his tribe across Sinai to the promised Land  and thousands of the Pharoes pursuing army  perished when the open path in the Nile collapsed on them, in the area that  is now called the RED SEA.

Did you know the Oldest Established Tour Operator to Egypt in the U.S is Sunny Land Tours with over 50 years offering  Specialized Egyptology Trips?

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