Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Package NameDeparturesVisitingTour TypePPOnline
4 Day Hello Havana Vacation PackageDailyHavana, Ernest Hemingway TrailPeople to People$1299Book Now
5 Day Discover Havana VacationDailyHavana, Ernest Hemingway TrailPeople to People$1699Book Now
5 Day Happy New Year HavanaDec 29, 2017Havana, Ernest Hemingway Trail, VinalesPeople to People$2299Book Now
5 Day Cuba Prime Time TourFeb 18, 2018Havana, Ernest Hemingway Trail, VinalesPeople to People$2199Book now
6 Day Cuba CallingDailyHavana, Ernest Hemingway TrailPeople to People$2399Book Now
7 Day Cuba HopperDailyHavana, Ernest Hemingway Trail, VeradaroPeople to People$2499Book Now
 8 Day Cuba Home Stay Daily Havana, Ernest Hemingway Trail, Paraiso FarmPeople to People $2699 Book Now
8 Day Cuba for your Senses  people to people Cuba vacation packageDailyHavanna, Ernest Hemingway Trail, Paraiso Farm, Vinales, VaraderoPeople to People$2999

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