Friday, 3 November 2017

8 Day Guyana Tour Package

Experience Guyanese hospitality and professionalism while discovering this lost paradise.
National Geographic's - 2014's Best of the World - Must See Destination

All airport transfers.
5 nights accommodation FC Boutique hotel
2 night accommodation all inclusive Arrowpoint Nature Reserve 
All breakfasts
Georgetown City Tour
SLT Tour Performance warranty
SLT $1Million Liability Insurance Coverage
Airport departure tax payable USD $20.00

Trip Interruption Insurance is available and is highly recommended.

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Day 1 –Arrival: - Arrive in Guyana you will be transported to the Roraima Hotels located in the city of Georgetown 

Day 2 After Break fast,You will then participate in a City Tour sightseeing our historical wooden buildings including the World’s Tallest Wooden Building – St George’s Cathedral. Along your way to the Botanical Garden and Zoo; you will stop to take in the fresh air of the Atlantic Ocean from our Sea walls.   

Day 3/4 ArrowpointAll Inclusive 2 nights: The trip to Arrowpoint will include a visit to an Amerindian Reservation known as Santa Mission where many of the Arawak and Carib tribes reside. You will be able to experience village life and see and purchase local hand craft made from materials of the rainforest.  Activities -The activities at Arrowpoint are numerous, educational and exciting. Whether it’s the thrill of Bird Watching, the excitement of Mountain Biking, Hiking, Kayaking, Pedal boating or simply relaxing in a hammock with a book, visitors will discover nature while having great fun and adventure. Dinner will be served on the beach around a bunfire, after which you will be taken on the Creatures of the night expedition.       

Day 5 - Return to Georgetown. Check in at the Roraima Hotels; Enjoy the day touring the local markets, shopping and dining in the city from Indian, Creole and Chinese restaurants spend the day relaxing at the poolside.         

Day 6 – Trip to Kaieteur Falls Amerindian legend of the Patamona tribe has it that “Kai” one of the tribe’s chiefs (after whom the falls is named) committed self-sacrifice by canoeing himself over the falls.   It was believed this would encourage the Great Spirit “Makaonaima’ to save the tribe from being destroyed by the savage rival tribe the “Carabishis”. In addition, the Kaieteur national park support’s a micro environment with Tank Bromelaids, the largest in the world, in which the tiny golden frog spends its entire life. The rarely seen Cock-of-the-rock can sometimes be seen nesting nearby. The lucky visitor may also see the famous flights of the Swifts or Makaonaima birds which nest under the vast shelf of rock carved by the water over the centuries.       

Day 7 –  Depart hotel for airport transfer.  

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